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Connecting mind, body, and spirit for an enriched life.  


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About Coral Huerta

Growing up, I was that kid that saw people no one else could see. When I was 7 I had my first prophetic dreams and learned that time and space are not linear like they appear to be. After that, I explored the concepts and ideas of the universe always looking for answers in mythology and science. I was always a skeptic about everything. I didn't quite believe in psychics, and I didn't quite believe in the supernatural.  The irony doesn't escape me, but it's true. Whatever I saw or did, I would try so hard to debunk as having a "logical" reason for it, completely ignoring the obvious answer that I was simply connected to the invisible world. I always hid from letting anyone know what I could see and do because I learned quickly that some people feel threatened by something they don't understand. So, I hid. I remained quiet, only sharing a part of me that was safe for everyone.  


One day I noticed a colleague, someone that I knew but never spoke to directly. I noticed they always had a dark energy mass that was attached to them and bringing down their mood. In my past, I would see this, and let it go assuming the person would self heal. I saw this person in so much chaos and pain over a long period of time, I finally decided to fight my own fear, and offer assistance. To my own surprise, they were not only open but grateful for any help. I worked with them privately for about a year, and slowly people started to approach me for assistance. 


I had arrived at the place in my journey where I could embrace myself for who I was, and realize that I had a skill that could help people. In 2018 I started an Energy and Healing Workshop based in Los Angeles, CA. Now, I also give private sessions in person and over the phone, just trying to bring ease and enrichment to people's daily lives.  I use my skill of connecting to the invisible world to guide and empower individuals to personal strength. Together we learn to connect concepts and break boundaries for ourselves and fully understand how to enjoy life. My work isn't to help you avoid pain and suffering, but to let you take a breath and take in as much of the world as possible, for a more enriched life. 

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What is Energy Work?

The understanding and connection to ourselves and this world. 

Mind, Body, and Spirit

The mind is the part of yourself that thinks and processes information. It takes in data that is presented and makes educated responses, judgments, and formulates ideas in the best way it can in order to protect you.  Think of your mind as a computer program that doesn't have any independent agenda, it's not out to "get you" or keep you from accomplishing your dreams, all it wants to do is make sure you live another day. 


The body is simply the physical concentration of matter you utilize in order to exist in this material world. Much like an avatar in a video game, you need a body in order to function in this world that is composed of the same matter. 


The spirit or soul is just the energy force that moves your body through space and time. It is not your personality, nor does it contain likes or dislikes.  Your spirit guides and operates your body and mind as it travels through this journey. 

Understanding Energy

Energy is all around us. Objects are a condensed form of energy that we can touch. Sound is energy we can hear, and light is energy we can see. 


Beyond what our 5 senses can pick up, there is far more happening that we can all feel to a certain degree.


Our emotions, thoughts, and bodies react to the invisible energy all around us. At times we may dismiss these reactions as parts of our personalities or a "weird" coincidence. Let me tell you, it is not who you are, and its not a weird coincidence. You are reacting to energy you simply can't see. 


Through the energy work, you will  understand and open up to your innate sensitivity to the invisible energy that is all around. It is as simple as learning a new language, and as much effort as learning a new language. 

The Work

In the work, whether its through private one-on-one sessions, or the group workshops you will be guided to trust yourself in your own intuition and feel a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. 

If you tend to feel stuck, overwhelmed, lost, depressed, or confused, I am here to tell you that it's not who you are. There are so many factors that come into play that make you feel a certain way. 

If you are intuitive and sensitive, but you have trouble trusting yourself and want a deeper understanding with a community of intuitive individuals, this work will open you up to listening to your own truth and trusting your intuition. 

This work will be fun, motivating, encouraging and challenging. If all of this connects, this might be a right fit for you. 


Book and Pay for workshops and one-on-one sessions. 


EAHW hosts a series of workshops geared to educate and enrich the lives of those who attend. These workshops range from beginner fundamentals and for the advanced practitioner. 

Energy work is something that is rarely taught in western cultures and is one of the most important elements to understand your being. 


Online, via Zoom


Every month different workshops become available 

What you get:

  • Access to class recordings

  • Worksheets

  • PDF of slides 

  • Ability to ask questions and email

Current running workshops: 

  • Intuitive Expansion with Tarot 

Intuitive Readings

One-on-One Phone sessions 

Via: Zoom

30-min or 60-min Available

Discounted Packages available

Who Benefits:

  • Those with specific questions, or want advice on a general topic (ie. career) or just are open to receive a truth from the invisible. 

  • This isn't a psychic prediction for the future, as time and events are too flexible and I frankly don't see too much value in knowing. 


How it works:​

  • It is important to be open to the reading and be relaxed

  • I connect to your energy and articulate the truth inside you 

  • You will receive some truth, and clarity on what will help you now to grow and live an enriched life

YouTube Channel

Join me on YouTube to enjoy free content to enhance your spiritual journey. We focus on secular spirituality giving you tools and resources to enrich your intuitive process. 


Content on the Channel

Short Guided Meditations:

  • 5-15 minutes long

  • Best for a quick realignment

Long Guided Meditations:

  • 16-60 minutes long

  • Best for the dedicated time intended for mindfulness


Lecture Series:

  • 10-30 minutes long

  • Cover the fundamentals of what energy is and how it connects to your body and the world you live in. The goal for this is to Inform of my understanding of the way the world works to help bring perspective Into your life



Coral's workshop has had a profound effect on how I see and experience the world around me. I've gained so much ease and comfort with the roller coaster ride called life and a deep trust that everything will be ok. It's helped relieve so much anxiety and garnered deep self-trust in my own instincts and intuition. And not to mention, it's fun! There's nothing heavy or serious about it, which is a big plus for me. 

-Brittany V.

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