Commission one-of-a-kind personalized acrylic paintings designed to fit your spiritual needs and space.



  • Schedule a consultation
  • In the consultation we talk about your needs and focus down on the intention of the painting. Pieces serve a multitude of purposes including meditation, personal growth in a few core areas, and as a energetic fan in a room. Yes, a painting intended for the room can be used to meditate, or a personal growth piece can change the energy of a room, the point is to be specific and clear with the intention of the piece for the energy to be captured. Note: If you dont know what you need but would just like a painting that is okay. That is part of the consultation where I get to intuit what may serve you in the present.
  • You let me know size and possible sitting locations for the pice
  • I create a digital mock up of colors and look for the piece and share it.
  • We finalize any details and you pay for the piece itself.
  • I get to work on your piece that takes roughly 4-weeks to complete. But the estimated date will be given before I start.
  • We arrange delivery.
  • You enjoy.

20" x 24"